Moving tips for the Single Gal

Boxes by ejhogbin

Last month I was helping a friend move house, as we all know moving is up on the list of things that people hate the most and find the most stressful.

Moving is one of the things we all find ourselves doing once or twice in our life time, so when you do it, making things easier is one of the best things you can do.

As a single Gal, I found packing up and moving house was time consuming and more of a hassle then I first thought. At the time I was also leaving my Ex-boyfriend and as the relationship was 6 feet under I knew I had to get my butt out of that place as quick as possible.

I started out packing up all the things that where mine to begin with, and as I’d been living with doofus for a few years the fact that most of my stuff was all over the house, made that job hard, sticking things in any old box was something I didn’t want to do so I followed some of these suggestions that Movers recommend you use.

  • Strong boxes

Trust me, you’ll be thankful in the end for using these, the stronger the better in my opinion, as the last thing you want is your most valuable items smashing as they fall out the bottom of the box.

  • Zip lock bags

Strangely enough these things do come in handy when you’re moving items from the bathroom, I put the things that I knew would leak in these bags and it helped keep the strong boxes clean. (haha)

  • Black Markers

Come in handy when you’ve packed up one room and want to make sure you know what is in the box, I did this with some of the boxes but sadly not all of them, and as is always the case I needed something when I arrived home and you think I could find it??!!

Fragile items should be packed loosely with plenty of wrapping. The boxes must be clearly labeled “FRAGILE”, and finally you will want to stack them towards the top of your piles.

This is another thing that Black markers come in handy for, not only if you’re moving your self but if you’re using a moving company

Moving with the help of Professionals:

When it comes to moving house and you have no one to help you, some tips I have read and been told about are make sure you get a few quotes and recommendations before going with a particular Moving Company, the internet is a great place to find out about what’s available to you and what locations that places move to.
A good Moving Company will make sure you have everything you need, and give you a clear list of things to do to help you prepare for the moving day, and depending on where you are going, and how much you will be moving, may even give you a discount if you pack yourself then leaving it up to the moving companies employees.

I have heard also that some companies also offer discount rates if you move on a weekday and not during busy periods like weekends and school holidays.
It pays to ask when you ring up what they offer because all us single gals know, if we can save a bit of cash, it can help in the long run at our new homes.

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Harry Potter Meme

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test…

Mrs. Snape

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You like a guy of loyalty and intelligence and don’t really mind if he comes across as a bit harsh. Or a bit bastardy. Or if he happens to terrify every child who crosses his path. The point is that under that rough exterior lies…well, a rough interior. But under that is a soft, squishy center and you don’t mind at all that you’re the only person in the world who gets to see it.

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Crocheted iPhone Covers for Sale

:: madeit – buy & sell independent goods online, home of the independent australian designers directory ::

I now officially have a shop for my Geeky related crafts. |Manamee Handee|
Where I’ll be selling mostly cozy’s for iPhones, iPods and any other items I feel need a nice crocheted jumper to keep it warm.
So far I have one Cozy up but tomorrow I’ll stick a few more up once I have them sewn up and photographed.


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Art for Art sake.

Last year at the Yea Autumn festival I displayed a range of my fractal art works.

Now it went over really well, everyone seemed to like it and I got the usual “oh you’re clever”
Now this year I didn’t show anything as I haven’t made any more up, but I was thinking about getting a few of the Bryce works printed up to show them off really well.

I was tossing up between just getting them professionally printed or having them done on canvas, so they looked like a real painting and not just a digital picture.

Harvey Norman does this kind of printing, as well as Rabbit Photo’s, but it’s very expensive so I thought about looking around at some of the on-line stores, to see if maybe they where a bit cheaper.
Deviant Art was one place I was thinking of getting it printed through, but they manage to take a cut of the profits, so that was out of the question, another place I found Photo Fun offered a whole range of items from Photo Albums to these funky Photo Cards.

They also do Canvas printing as well, and by the looks of things they are a whole lot cheaper and the postage is pretty fantastic too.

I like the idea that you can also share your photo’s on-line, other then just getting things printed so that people can have a look at your photo’s or you can show your friends before sticking them in a Photo Book and sending them a copy. 😉

I know I’m really interested in getting some printing done, and after wandering around this site for a bit, I found it was easy to understand and the help section was very helpful about more then just what they offered, and I like the clearness of the postage and price range for each different item.

The only problem I have now is deciding which of my pictures I want to get printed and also if I want to also do them as cards, as I think some might look great as gifts in that design.

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Don’t get me wrong

I love my new iPhone, I really do.

But two things I really dislike about it is the fact I can’t cut and paste, and I can’t add a number from my contacts in to a text message I’m sending.

I used to love this ability with my Nokia, but I can’t do it with iPhone, it would make things so much easier and as I found out tonight when I was sending a text to a friend, the ability to just add the other contact’s number in to the body of the text message would have been a lot easier then having to write the number down and then adding it in manually.

I’m sure if enough people complain about it Apple will ad it in with one of the firm ware updates.

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Phone Tale part two

It Arrived!!!!

I must have jinxed it majorly in my last post saying if I hadn’t heard anything by Wednesday I would get cranky.
Rang up Optus World on Wednesday morning asking if they had a delivery on for that day and if I couldn’t get a Black 8gig I wouldn’t be fazed too much with a White.
The girl on the phone basically said that I had Rain checked a Black and that was what I would get, and that they where expecting a delivery Wednesday after 1pm so she would call me then.
I happily bounced then handed over my mobile number just to be sure I would get the call and for the rest of the day my phone was glued to my hand waiting for them to call.

About 1:50pm the call came and I jumped for joy, did a little dance and got a few funny looks from people around me at work when I started squealing like a 5 year old.

After work I drove down to Epping Optus world, and I’m sure I broke a few land speed records in my dad’s Ute (which I was driving that day) on the Hume Hwy to get to the Plaza before the shop closed at 5pm.
Happily didn’t break any road rules and made it down in 45min’s which I have to say is the fastest I’ve ever driven that distance in so short a time span.

Rushed over to the shop, got my purty and after walking around a bit to releave the numbness of my butt drove home again and opened up the box.

it was a very exciting moment when I opened the box and took out everything that was in it, had a bit of a blond moment trying to open the part where you put the sim card in, as I couldn’t find the little silver stick then noticed it was still on the card with the instructions. *doh!*

After getting the sim card in I turned it on and synced it up in iTunes and was on my way.

This morning I managed to finish off the Cozy I was making for the phone, and noticed that I”d made it a tad too big, but this will allow me to carry my ear plugs in the cozy as well

Added a little chain over the top as I noticed that the phone didn’t stay in the cozy very well and I didn’t want it to slip out when stored in my hand bag, but over all it fits well, looks nice and the colours match well.

Next project is to make a green and gray one, so I have a choice of colours.

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Curtains – For something just hanging around it’s hard to choose.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been looking at the Curtains in my room. They are old, very old, Old as in I haven’t changed them since I was maybe 20.

It’s Sad I know, Having moved house since then I took the curtains and drapes with me from one house to another and really didn’t see the point in changing them.
Well now that I’m in my thirties my tastes have really changed since then(blue/gold suns, moons and stars) to something a little more Adult.

I have a fair idea of what the colour will be as I’ve been eying off this Chocolate brown colour for the last few months at the local hardware store, and it seems to match other things I’ve been interested in.

With some of the shades available at spotlight I thought I’d better go looking for some ideas and one company that looked pretty good was Hunter Douglas , their range was rather good looking and one of the woven wood shades looked really nice, and would suit the kitchen pretty well, as we have this whole country theme happening and the dark brown looks good in there.

One thing that always stumps me when choosing Blinds is what works better for colder climates, I know with drapes you have to make sure the material is lined with some sort of backing to keep the heat in and cold out, but with Window blinds is there anything like that as well?

I know in our first house I had these really funky Window blinds that kept the heat out and made my room really dark, but they had a bad habit of falling down or bending if I pulled them open too much, but in the city it didn’t get very cold, and now I live in the country I wonder if they have heavy duty Blinds that would keep the heat in and the cold out?

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